The Grill by Doctor's Kitchen


16, Flower Road, Colombo 00700

Opening days/hours

Monday-Sunday, 12-3pm 4.30-11pm

Cuisine types



BBQs, grills



Contact info

074 022 5226


Our Review

Best BBQ spot in Colombo-
The Grill by Doctor's Kitchen

Located in Flower Road, Colombo 07, “The Grill by Doctor’s kitchen” is a popular hub amongst BBQ lovers! The restaurant specializes in serving spicy, juicy meats that are packed with flavor and are guaranteed to make your tastebuds dance! We visited the Grill in search for some top-notch barbequed meat and that is exactly what we got!


Firstly, we reviewed some classic chicken and sausages. The sweet sauce sausages were well cooked throughout and were crispy on the outside, and its presentation was extremely appetizing as it was engulfed in glossy sauce. The sausages were on the sweeter side, with honey being the base of the all-natural, color and preservative free, delicious, sweet sauce. The chicken too was grilled perfectly, with just the right amount of seasoning and sauce, leaving us hungry for more. (We collectively declared our immense love for the chicken before we moved on to the next dish.)

Next, we had the lamb, which is also a specialty at The Grill. The lamb was full of spice and marinated to perfection in the Grill’s signature in-house dips. The lamb was accompanied with a side of mashed potatoes, cooked in the Russian style, which were soft and little bombs of flavor (chef’s kiss)!

Pork ribs and pork chops-a hit amongst The Grill’s customers- came next, and they were the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. The meat slipped right off the bone and the presentation was superior! The Grill’s secret to putting exceptional BBQs on the table is the fact that they take over two days to prepare their meats and they try to employ healthy practices when grilling the meat, to enhance its natural flavor.

Service and Ambience

The staff at The Grill were incredibly amicable and constantly checked on us to make sure we were enjoying our meal. The setting of the restaurant was very cosy and laid back; there were posters on the wall and the lighting was dark and moody, giving the place a relaxing ambience. It was definitely more spacious than what it looked like from the outside. The Grill offered both indoor and outdoor seating (we opted for indoor) and the place is ideal to hangout with friends or grab dinner, when you are feeling ambitious. The restaurant is an affordable choice for all the meat lovers as their average price range for two people is between Rs. 2500-3500.  We would highly recommend this restaurant if you love BBQs and grilled food just as much as we do!