The English Cake Company


135, Jawatta road, Colombo 00500

Opening days/hours

Monday-Sunday, 7am-11.30pm

Cuisine types



Breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages



Contact info

0112 556 633


Our Review

The home of some of the best cakes in Colombo-
the Cakery!

The English Cake Company-The Cakery, started in December 2012 at a local market in Battaramulla, is now a family run, home-made bakery and cafe that manufactures freshly baked delicacies to a high standard using only the very best ingredients. Located in, Jawatta road, Colombo 05, this attractive spot is a must-go to those of you with a sweet tooth. Ranking #23 on the list of ‘Best desserts in Colombo’.

Their specialties

The Cakery offers a diverse selection of desserts to satisfy your sweet cravings, ranging from cakes, puddings and their very own homemade ice creams to an array of coffees, teas and freshly made juices. As their name suggests, The Cakery specializes in making the finest of cakes, using the best locally sourced ingredients, while keeping them affordable. Whether you’re feeling a passion fruit cheesecake or a classic English chocolate cake, they’ve got you covered!

Their scope of cuisines does not stop there! The Cakery also provides breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch and an assortment of savoury items to suit your preferences. The cafe radiates a warm and friendly ambience, and the staff there is incredibly welcoming and inviting. Their outdoor seating facility in the courtyard is ideal for relaxation, whether it is winding down with a cup of their freshly brewed coffee after a long day at work, or catching up with an old friend to grab a bite. Additionally, the Cakery often holds events and pop-up stores in their courtyard which can be booked in advance, for special occasions. 


If you are more of an indoor dining person, they also provide a comfortable, air-conditioned indoor dining area where you get to choose between lounging on a basic chair or a more casual option like a cosy sofa or a bean-bag. The Cakery is prominent for the freshness of its goodies; they are known to not use any artificial food colourings, flavours or preservatives as their primary goal is to offer natural, fresh, delicious meals to their customers and give them a delightful experience at their cafe with their impeccable service. You can take your pick from the display cabinets and/or order from the a la carte menu they have in store for you.


The Cakery is open Monday through Sunday from 7 am to 10pm, and offers a wide range of services including quick delivery services, takeout, reservations, outdoor and indoor seating, parking, free Wi-Fi and wheelchair accessibility. What’s special about The Cakery is that they use recipes that have been collected and refined over many years, from friends, family and worldwide travels, bringing sentimental value to every goodie that passes through their kitchen. They intend to produce high quality cakes and desserts that cater to everyone’s tastes and ensure that every customer leaves with a smile on their face, having enjoyed their scrumptious delicacies.