Our shows revolve around food and food culture across the island. Created by, and for our fellow foodies out there, we want to share our immense love and insatiable hunger for food, with you. Ranging from food centred talk shows to reviews of some of the most vibrant and popular diners in and out of Colombo, we bring to you brand new food content, regularly.

Never run out of places to dine at again! Our team is constantly on the hunt for the latest, attractive destinations to grab a bite. We explore restaurants offering a diverse range of cuisines, to cater to all of your preferences, and get your tastebuds tingling for scrumptious delicacies from across the globe. Whether or not you prefer a New York style burger or a classic Italian pizza, we’ve got you covered! Stay tuned, to devour in more incredible food content from our amazing team!

Mission and vision

Our goal is to share our passion and intense love for food with our fellow food fanatics. We think food is a source of comfort and happiness for many; it brings people of all cultures together and connects us with people and places. Food universally bridges the social divide and we strongly believe it’s something that should be celebrated! Join us as we embark on this journey of exploring various food cultures and indulge in the finest of cuisines.